Kuwaiti MPs to drag PM to justify inaction in Bahrain

AFP , Sunday 20 Mar 2011

Kuwait Islamist MPs blast premier and will question him in parliament for not sending troops to participate in the GCC Saudi-led intervention in Bahrain

Kuwaiti 'Islamist' MPs have decided to file to question the prime minister in parliament for not sending troops to Bahrain and strongly blasted Shia Iran for meddling in its affairs.

The announcement was made by Sunni Salafi lawmakers Mohammad Hayef and Waleed Al-Tabtabai Saturday night after a large gathering by Islamists to denounce the government "decision" not to send troops to Bahrain.

Kuwait has thus far remained silent on the issue and it was not clear whether its troops have been sent.

The emirate's Shia Muslim minority staged a rally on Thursday to thank the government for not sending troops to Bahrain to help the Sunni-led government crackdown on their fellow Shia.

Hundreds of troops from the Peninsula Shield force of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council alliance were dispatched to Bahrain last week to assist the government against the Shia-led protests.

Speakers at the rally, held just opposite the government office in Kuwait City, strongly criticised Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad al-Sabah and blasted what they called Iranian meddling in Bahrain's affairs.

"The Kuwaiti people will not accept the orders of the Iranian leaders and is demanding that [Kuwaiti] troops be dispatched soon to Bahrain," Hayef told the gathering and called on the premier to step down.

Islamist MP Jamaan Al-Harbash said the protests in Bahrain were part of a "Shia plot to control Bahrain," and accused Iran of being behind them.

"Nothing redeems Kuwaitis except the resignation of the prime minister who humiliated us," Harbash said.

MP Faisal Al-Muslim strongly criticised Tehran.

"The Iranian interference [in Bahrain] is very clear. Iran is the head of evil, it is a sectarian state... the main danger on the Gulf and its people comes from Iran," Muslim said.

"Iran has taken control of Iraq. Today it is trying with Bahrain and tomorrow will be Kuwait... We must establish a true Gulf unity to confront Iranian plots," he concluded.

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