Arab League's Amr Moussa defends its support for UN no-fly zone resolution

Ahmed Eleiba , Monday 21 Mar 2011

Moussa, gen secretary of Arab League states in a joint conference with UN's Ban Ki-Moon that the Arab League supports the no-fly zone and that there's no disagreement considering there will be no invasion

Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa said that the Arab League will work towards the protection of Libyan civilians, adding that this is the goal the Arab League and the UN are trying to achieve.

"We respect the U.N. resolution and there is no conflict with it, especially as it indicated there would be no invasion but that it would protect civilians from what they are subject to in Benghazi," said Moussa.

This came in response to a question about statements issued by Moussa showing concern about airstrikes that may target civilians in Libya.

Moussa’s reply came in a joint press conference between Secretary General of the Arab League and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Monday.

Moussa added that the Arabl League’s position was stern and clear, that it would not accept any massacres or unnecessary bloodshed, which is the reason why the Arab League banned Libyan delegations and suspended Libya’s membership.

Moussa mentioned that the Arab League called for the imposition of a no-fly zone in order to prevent attacks on civilians.

Moussa said that talks with Ban Ki-Moon focused on the situation in Libya as well as the current developments in the region, especially the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and the strong drive towards change in Arab societies.

Ban Ki-Moon in turn said that the stance the UN took about implementing a no-fly zone on Libya was in response to Arab requests for such a measure and that the international community’s position is very firm on the subject.

Ban also mentioned the topics discussed in talks with Mousa and praised the Arab League for its support for the UN resolution to impose the current no-fly zone on Libya, stressing the importance of a unified position on such a sensitive matter.

Ban mentioned the need to look into the provision of urgent humanitarian aid to Libya, and to take the necessary steps towards achieving this.

Ban Ki-Moon urged Libyan authorities to stop killing civilians immediately.

As for the Yemeni situation, Ban Ki-Moon severely condemned the use of force against civilians, pressuring Yemeni authorities to take responsibility for protecting civilians.

Ban called for the end of violence in Yemen, and for replacing violence with dialogue in order to achieve reform and solve problems in Yemen.

He directed the call to Bahrain as well, where violence must also end and be replace with dialogue.

Ban Ki-Moon said that the United Nations is communicating with the Bahraini government and opposition.

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