Danish fighter jets did not fire in Libya

AFP , Tuesday 22 Mar 2011

Danish air force rejects Libyan accusation that Denmark had "ordered" offensive in Tripoli, saying its fighter jets did not take part in bombings

The Danish air force said Tuesday its fighter jets did not take part in bombings during the international air campaign in Libya, rejecting Libyan charges reported by Danish media.

"The Danish F-16s did not use their weapons. The Danish F-16 did not attack anything. Nothing was shot from a Danish plane," Michael Langeberg of the air force headquarters told AFP.

"If we are accused of having done so -- which we have not -- then the only conclusion that I can take from it is that it is Libyan propaganda," he said.

Danish media, quoting the BBC, reported Tuesday that official Libyan television said Denmark had "ordered the offensive" late Sunday on the Bab el-Aziziya bunker in Tripoli, destroying an administrative building.

Denmark is contributing four F-16 fighter jets, two reserve planes (also F-16 fighter jets) and a transport plane to the international military action in Libya following an unanimous vote by parliament to take part in the mission.

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