TIMELINE: Major Beirut attacks since Hariri assassination

AFP , Tuesday 19 Nov 2013

A double suicide bombing that killed at least 23 people outside Iran's embassy in Beirut on Tuesday is among the worst in Lebanon since the assassination of former prime minister Rafiq Hariri.

Following are major attacks in the Lebanese capital since 2005.


-- 2005 --

- February 14: Rafiq Hariri is killed by a massive blast that leaves 23 people dead in all, including MP Bassel Fleyhane, and wounds 220 others.

- June 2: Anti-Syrian journalist Samir Kassir is killed by a car bomb in the Christian neighbourhood of Ashrafiyeh in Beirut.

- June 21: Former Communist Party secretary general Georges Hawi dies in a car bombing near his home in the capital.

- July 12: A car bomb kills one person in Beirut; Defence Minister Elias Murr is among the nine wounded.


-- 2006 --

- November 21: Anti-Syrian MP and Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel and his bodyguard are shot dead in Jdeide, north of the capital.

-- 2007 --

- June 13: MP Walid Eido and nine other people, including one of his sons, die in a Beirut bomb blast.

- September 19: A car bombing in the Beirut suburb of Sin el-Fil kills anti-Syrian MP Antoine Ghanem and five other people.

- December 12: A car bomb kills General Francois El Hajj and a bodyguard near Beirut. Hajj had been tipped to replace army chief General Michel Sleiman.


-- 2008 --

- January 15: Three civilians die and 26 are wounded when a bomb explodes in a northern suburb of Beirut. The attack is apparently aimed at a US embassy car.

- January 25: Five people, including top Lebanese security official Wissam Eid, die in a bomb blast targeting a convoy in a Christian suburb in eastern Beirut.


-- 2012 --

- October 19: A car bomb targeting police intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan kills eight people and wounds 86 in the Ashrafiyeh district.


-- 2013 --

- August 15: A car bomb in a southern Beirut suburb that is a stronghold of Shiite, pro-Iranian movement Hezbollah kills 27 people and wounds 336 others.

Eight days later, two car bombs in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, kill 45 people and wound hundreds of others, the worst attack since the end of the 1975-1990 Lebanese civil war.

- November 19: The Iranian embassy in Beirut is hit by a double suicide attack, and at least 23 people die while almost 150 are wounded.

The bombings take place in a southern Beirut suburb, also a Hezbollah stronghold, and are claimed by an Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group.

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