Khamenei anti-Israel speech shows danger of Iran: Netanyahu

AFP , Thursday 21 Nov 2013

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves to members of the paramilitary Basij force in their gathering at the Imam Khomeini Grand Mosque in Tehran, Wednesday 20 November 2013 (Photo: AP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday warned world powers negotiating with Iran that an anti-Israel speech by Iran's supreme leader gave fresh proof over why Tehran must not acquire a nuclear weapon.

Speaking to leaders of Russia's Jewish community on the second day of a visit to Moscow to campaign against an emerging world power deal with Iran, Netanyahu accused Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of using the lexicon of the Nazi Holocaust.

"Yesterday, Iran's supreme leader, Khamenei, said 'death to America, death to Israel', he said that Jews are not human beings."

"Sounds familiar?" Netanyahu asked.

Khamenei told militia commanders in Tehran on Wednesday that Israel, Iran's arch-foe, was "doomed to collapse", "the rabid dog" of the Middle East, and with leaders "not worthy" of being called "human".

"Such an Iran must not get a nuclear weapon," Netanyahu said.

After talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Netanyahu on Wednesday insisted on the need for a "real" solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis.

Netanyahu's speech in Moscow came as Iran and world powers were set Thursday to begin hammering out a landmark deal freezing parts of Tehran's atomic programme to ease fears of the Islamic republic obtaining nuclear weapons.

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