6.0 quake shakes Crete and is felt in Egypt

Friday 1 Apr 2011

The earthquake that was felt in Egypt emanated from the Greek island, Crete, risking damage to ancient Minoan archaeological temples

Palaíkastron, on the Greek island, Crete, was at the centre of the earthquake that has been immediately estimated at between 5.9 - 6.3 on the Richter Scale, which is considered “strong.”

The Richter Scale dictates that a 6 causes some damage to unstable structures and can be destructive up to 160km in diameter from the centre.

Egypt felt the earthquake, although mostly as a long tremble.

Crete is the home of one of the mysterious and pleasant ancient civilisations, known as the Minoans. Their buildings are characterised by red columns and their walls and floors are often covered with wonderfully colourful mosaics that reflect their island-culture: either depicting sea creatures, fishing or recreational activities.

Today, Crete is a popular fun-and-sun destination for Greeks and island-lovers as well as for historical and culture tourists.

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