Israel plans to resume assasination campaigns

Saleh Naami , Monday 4 Apr 2011

The Israeli army plans to step-up its assassination campaigns to deter the Palestinian resistance

The Israeli army awaits the improvement of weather conditions to resume its assassinations operations targeted at leaders and activists affiliated with Hamas military wing. In a report published by the Hebrew version of Ynet Monday, a military commentator, Ron Bin Yeshay, said that the resumption of assassinations comes in an effort to excursive deterrence in confronting Palestinian factions two years after the bloody war launched on the Gaza Strip.

Bin Yeshay, indicated that the decision to take these operations to the next level was made recently in a small ministerial meeting presided over by Benjamin Netanyahu. Also at the meeting were leaders of Israel's security organs.

Netanyahu reportedly was reserved over the idea of launching a full-fledged military operation.

According to Bin Yeshay, in the event that Hamas steps up its operations against Israel in the wake of the assassination operations planned, the Israeli army may resort to targeting the movement's political leadership.  

The Israeli intelligence, he says, hopes the assassinations would prompt Hamas to prevent other Palestinian factions from launching rockets onto the Israeli entity.

Bin Yeshay warns that this kind of provocation would put thousands of 'settlers' around the Gaza Strip under the mercy of resistance rockets as well as jeopardize chances for trading prisoners with Hamas.  

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