Two Gazans hit by Israeli fire near border: witnesses

AFP , Tuesday 5 Apr 2011

A shooting incident occurred near the Erez crossing whereby two Palestinians were hit by Israeli gunfire and ambulance services were prevented from reaching them

Two Palestinians were hit by Israeli gunfire in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday in an incident which occurred near the Erez crossing, witnesses said.

It was not immediately clear how badly they were injured as the ambulance service was being prevented from reaching them, medics said.

Witnesses said the two were collecting gravel in the area.

The Israeli army confirmed firing towards someone in the northern Gaza Strip but a spokeswoman mentioned only one person, who she said was armed and who had been hit by gunfire.

"The IDF identified an armed man near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip and fired towards him," she said. "They identified a hit."

The area along the Gaza border has been declared a no-go zone by the Israeli military, which is declared at around 300 metres from the border. Israel often fires beyond that according to residents and eye witnesses. Numerous children have also been shot at collecting gravel near the border.


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