WhatsApp unrolls blue 'read message' sign

Ahram Online , Thursday 6 Nov 2014

WhatsApp users can now know if their messages were read by recipients thanks to a new feature by the internet mobile messenger

B&W logo of mobile internet messaging application WhatsApp (Photo: Courtesy of www.whatsapp.com)

Mobile message application WhatsApp unleashed an update allowing users to know whether their messages have been read by the recipient.

"If you see two blue checkmarks next to your sent message then the recipient has read your message," WhatsApp said in a new addition to their FAQ page on its website.

The new feature also allows the user to know when a broadcast message was read by all its recipients by the same mechanism, a welcomed change considering that broadcast messages did not indicate delivery before. 

Users shouldn't however worry if they don't immediately see the new feature running on their phones, as WhatsApp says this could be due to a few reasons:  That the recipient may not have opened the conversation yet, that recipient's version of WhatsApp is outdated or that there may be trouble with the user's internet connection.

The new development was reported by tech news website 9to5, who also reported leaks that the phone app may launch a VOIP option, allowing users to make phone calls through the internet.

9to5 attributed credit to Brazilian Twitter user Ade Adeyemi (@iamsteezze) for noticing the blue check marks.

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