Protesters block access to Acapulco airport

AFP , Monday 10 Nov 2014

Protesters furious over the alleged massacre of 43 missing Mexican students blocked access Monday to Acapulco's international airport.

"Nobody goes in, nobody goes out until further instructions," a masked student, who blocked the entrance with seven other protesters armed with sticks, told AFP.

Felipe de la Cruz, a spokesman for the families of the 43 students, said they would prevent access to the international airport for three hours.

Thousands of protesters rallied at the airport after a brief clash with riot police that left 11 officers injured.

The beach resort of Acapulco lies on the Pacific coast of the violence-plagued state of Guerrero, where the 43 students vanished in September.

Authorities say gang-linked police shot at busloads of students in the city of Iguala on September 26, in a night of violence that left six people dead.

The police then handed the 43 abducted students to the Guerreros Unidos drug gang, prosecutors say.

Demonstrations erupted over the weekend after authorities announced Friday that gang suspects confessed to killing the 43 students, incinerating their remains and tossing them in a river.

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