French President calls for vigilance after terror attacks

Ahram Online , AFP , Friday 9 Jan 2015

In a televised speech delivered shortly after commandos killed the three gunmen responsible, French President Francois Hollande saluted the French soldiers and thanked the French people for showing courage.

France "faced down" Islamists behind the deaths of 17 people in three days "but has not finished with the threats," Hollande warned on Friday.

Hollande said that "even if France knows it faced down" the attackers and had "courageous" security personnel, the danger had not passed.

"I call for vigilance, unity and a mobilisation," he added.

Hollande called for unity highlighting that the perpetrators of those terrorist acts are "fanatics" and has nothing to with Islam as a religion.

He further emphasised the importance of solidarity to effectively counter the threat of terrorism. 

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