Conservatives take one point lead over Labour ahead of Britain's May 7 vote: YouGov

Reuters , Sunday 3 May 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party has taken a one point lead over the opposition Labour Party, according to a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times.

The poll showed the Conservatives on 34 percent, Labour on 33 percent, the UK Independence Party on 13 percent, the Liberal Democrats on 8 percent and the Greens on 5 percent, the newspaper said.

A YouGov seat projection by the pollster's president Peter Kellner indicated the Conservatives would win 283 seats, Labour 261 seats, the Liberal Democrats 32 seats and the Scottish National Party 50 seats, the newspaper said.

Under that seat tally, neither the Conservatives nor Labour would have an overall majority in the 650-seat Westminster Parliament.

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