Cameron sends Muslims ‘best wishes’ for Ramadan

Ahram Online , Wednesday 17 Jun 2015

Snapshot of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's video message to the Muslim world, 17 June 2015

As Ramadan starts on Thursday, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron sent his "best wishes to everyone observing the holy month of Ramadan" in a video message published on Wednesday.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, during which Muslims abstain from drinking and eating from dawn until dusk.

Cameron praised Muslim soldiers who "served bravely alongside their comrades" during the First and Second World Wars.

He said that British Muslims are the most involved faith group in charity work in Britain, saying they do so by "fulfilling their sacred duty of Zakat by making a real difference to lives blighted by conflict and disaster."

Moreover, the Premier stressed that Britain's Muslims come "at the top" of every domain, giving examples of their involvement in big businesses, health service and even political institutions such as the cabinet and parliament.

"They [British Muslims] prove that this can be a country where success is determined not by your colour, community or creed, but a place where you can go as far as your talents will take you," Cameron stated.

"Ramadan Mubarak to you all," he concluded.

According to a report published by the Guardian in February, Muslims are increasing more quickly than the population as a whole in England and Wales. For instance, 2.71 million Muslims now live in the two states, jumping from 1.55 million in 2001. There are, the same report mentioned, 77,000 Muslims in Scotland and 3,800 in Northern Ireland. 


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