Facebook alternative Muslimface officially launches

Aharm Online , Thursday 18 Jun 2015

The Muslim-oriented social network provides a Sharia-abiding online space for users of different faiths

Muslim social networking website 'Muslimface' (Photo: Snapshot)

Devout Muslims around the world now have an alternative to Facebook, a "legitimate" Muslim social networking website called Muslimface.

Launched on Thursday after three years in the making, the new Islamic social media platform offers a myriad of Muslim-oriented features, including a prayer alert, and an app to find the nearest mosque, halal food joint, or even match maker.

Co-founded by two Muslim entrepreneurs, the social platform aims to "provide an appropriate environment for Muslims who do not want to be subject to content contrary to their values," a statement from the founders reads.

Muslimface "strikes a perfect balance between utilising social media optimally, while also respecting Islamic values," co-founder Ruhul Amin said.

To join the website, which is available in 10 languages, users are to submit a request to be evaluated and accepted according to certain member criteria.

While the UK-registered website is open to people of other faiths, it abides by Sharia law, and is "structured and vitalised" based on the Hadith and Quran.

Users can only add friends from the opposite gender if they belong to their mahram, or unmarriable kin.

Users on the lookout for a spouse have to select a person from their mahram list to help them communicate with any prospective bride or groom.

"It's a safe alternative for Muslims, where they do not feel anxious about anti-Islamic material or others incompatible with Islamic ethics," CEO Shoaib Fadie said.

The experience, however, does not seem to be entirely religious.

On Muslimface, users can also follow political figures and play games, as well as look for hotels, coffee shops and shopping malls. 

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