US House clears three Iran deal-related bills for debate

Reuters , Thursday 10 Sep 2015

United States Congress. (Photo: Reuters)

The US House of Representatives cleared three bills related to the Iran nuclear deal for debate on Thursday, voting along party lines to approve rules for debating the three measures, none of which will have a direct impact on the nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers announced on July 14.

There were 243 votes for, all from Republicans, on the procedural vote and 186 against, all from Democrats.

Votes on whether to pass the measures or not are expected later on Thursday and on Friday.

One of the three measures is a resolution finding that President Barack Obama has not complied with the Iran nuclear review act, the second is a motion of approval of the nuclear deal and the third would seek to suspend Obama's right to waive sanctions.

House Republicans came up with the plan for three votes related to the Iran deal on Wednesday after a rebellion by some of the party's most conservative lawmakers delayed a vote on a resolution of disapproval of the nuclear agreement.

A disapproval resolution would cripple the Iran deal by eliminating Obama's ability to waive sanctions, if it passed both Houses and survived a veto. But there is enough Democratic support in Congress to ensure that the measure never becomes law.

There are no plans now for the Senate to vote on legislation similar to the three measures being considered in the House. 

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