More buildings set on fire in London rioting

AP, Monday 8 Aug 2011

In a third day of rioting in London, police have clashed with groups of youths in one part of the city, and vehicles and buildings have been set on fire in two other deprived neighborhoods

London rioting
Police officers in riot gear drag a man along a street in Hackney, east London August 8, 2011. Government officials branded rioters who fought police, looted shops and set fire to buildings at the weekend as opportunistic criminals and said the violence, the worst in London for years, would not affect preparations for next summer's Olympic Games. (Photo by REUTERS)

In Hackney, East London, dozens of youths attacked shops and windows on Monday and pelted riot police with fireworks, pieces of wood and other objects.

South of the River Thames, a building and a bus _ which was not carrying passengers _ have been set ablaze in Peckham, with thick clouds of smoke billowing from the scene. In nearby Lewisham, a line of cars was torched.

The unrest, which began Saturday night, was sparked by a police shooting, but some blamed unemployment, insensitive policing and opportunistic looting for the worst violence the city has seen in years.

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