Protest at US embassy in London during 9/11 service

AFP, Sunday 11 Sep 2011

A small group of demonstrators staged a protest outside the US embassy in London Sunday during a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States

Around 50 demonstrators brandished anti-US banners, chanted slogans and burnt a small piece of paper with a picture of the US flag on it outside the US embassy ni London, an AFP journalist at the scene said.

Britain's Press Association news agency reported that the protesters were from a group called Muslims Against Crusades.

They were seeking to disrupt a moment's silence observed to mark the moment when the first hijacked airliner hit the World Trade Center in New York 10 years ago, starting the attacks.

When they began burning the paper outside the embassy in central London, police formed a line near them but there was no violence, according to the AFP journalist. The small blaze went out in about a minute, he said.

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