Uganda warns of strain under huge South Sudan refugee influx

AP , Friday 17 Feb 2017

Uganda is warning its resources are strained by the hundreds of thousands of refugees who continue to flee violence in South Sudan and Burundi.

Apollo Kazungu, a government commissioner in charge of refugees, told The Associated Press on Friday that authorities will have to "be more creative."

He says many refugees are getting half rations of maize meal and beans.

Uganda's government has been praised for running a tolerant resettlement program for refugees who are often allocated small plots of land to grow their own food.

But Kazungu says allocating plots may no longer be feasible if more refugees arrive, and authorities may have to consider ideas like building dormitories.

The United Nations says over 670,000 South Sudanese refugees are sheltering in Uganda, which also hosts over 45,000 Burundian refugees.

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