A new Guevara in Colombia: Rebel leader died in combat with troops

AP , Saturday 5 Nov 2011

The top leader of Colombia's main rebel group, the bookish ideologue Alfonso Cano, was killed in a military raid in the country's southwest

Colombia's defense minister says FARC rebel leader Alfonso Cano was killed in combat with soldiers and police hours after his camp was bombed.

Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon says the 63-year-old guerrilla commander known for his trademark beard was clean-shaven when he died in Friday's firefight.

He says four other rebels were killed and five captured in the skirmish an hour before dusk.

Pinzon says Cano died not far away from the camp that was bombed. He says troops found seven computers and 39 thumb drives at Cano's camp as well as a stash of cash in currencies including U.S. dollars, euros and Colombian pesos.

Colombian authorities released a photograph of the deceased rebel's face. It does not appear disfigured.

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