Groups say cluster bombs remain in 69 nations

AP , Wednesday 16 Nov 2011

Internationally banned cluster bombs remain in use, says activist coalition, killing or injuring approximately 17,000 in 2010 alone

Activist groups say cluster bombs remain stockpiled in 69 nations a year after an international law took effect to ban them.

The London-based Cluster Munition Coalition says 12 nations have destroyed part of their stockpiles, leaving at least 610,263 cluster bombs containing 101.5 million submunitions.

As diplomats gathered in Geneva this month to debate plans for phasing out cluster bombs, the coalition of 200 activist groups said casualties involving their use have been reported in 29 countries, including Libya during its civil war this year.

Coalition co-chair Steve Goose of Human Rights Watch told reporters Wednesday that at least 16,921 deaths or injuries from cluster bombs have been confirmed globally through 2010.

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