OAS diplomats converge in Washington to discuss Venezuala political crisis

AP , Wednesday 31 May 2017

Foreign ministers from across the Western Hemisphere are trying to stave off Venezuela's worsening democratic crisis.

The diplomats are holding an unusual meeting at the Organization of American States. Venezuela has vowed to leave the regional group.

Representatives from Mexico, Colombia and other countries are encouraging the group to take action to resolve the crisis. But Nicaragua and Bolivia are resisting and accusing the OAS of infringing on Venezuela's sovereignty.

Protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government have left at least 60 people dead in recent months. Protesters claim Maduro is trying to consolidate power and establish an authoritarian regime. They are also decrying Venezuela's triple-digit inflation, soaring crime and vast food shortages.

Maduro has vowed to resolve the crisis by forming a special assembly to rewrite the constitution.

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