Three more blasts reported in Nigeria, bringing total to 5

AFP , Sunday 25 Dec 2011

Five blasts targeting churches, public spaces and offices blast in Nigeria on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, leaving at least 28 dead

Three more explosions have been reported in Nigeria, including two on Christmas Day in the city of Damaturu and another targeting a church on Christmas Eve in Gadaka, residents said.

Two other blasts near churches on Christmas morning, including one near the capital Abuja, left at least 28 people dead.

"A bomb went off at the major roundabout and another one exploded at the [secret police] office," a resident in Damaturu, located in Nigeria's northeast, told AFP. "It is believed to be a suicide bombing."

Other residents gave similar accounts. Police could not immediately be reached.

In Gadaka, also in the northeast, "Christian worshippers were attacked at the church in Gadaka while observing a Christmas vigil," a resident said.

"The worshippers fled but the attackers burnt their cars they abandoned. Nobody was hurt and the church was not touched."

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