Fire attack against Islamic center, 3 other sites

AP , Monday 2 Jan 2012

New York City police investigate attacks resulting from discrimination, categorise them as bias crimes

Authorities say they are investigating four fire attacks in New York City, including one at an Islamic center and one at a house used for Hindu worship.

Police say three of the attacks Sunday night involved molotov cocktails. There were no injuries.

Police are investigating the attacks as bias crimes.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the attacks "have no place in our open and inclusive society."

A bottle was thrown at a counter in a shop, and a nearby house was possibly set on fire 10 minutes later.

Then a bottle was thrown at the Imam Al-Khoei Foundation building, and a door of the Shiite mosque was damaged.

Police say two bottles were thrown but didn't explode at a private house used for Hindu worship services.

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