Deadly attack on Muslims in central Nigeria: police

AFP, Saturday 8 Jan 2011

Two buses carrying Muslim passengers were attacked in a Christian village in central Nigeria, leaving one dead and another eight missing and feared dead

Two buses carrying people who had attended a wedding were believed to have lost their way late Friday and ended up in the Christian village of Dogo Nahauwa, where scores died in clashes in early 2010, according to police. The attack occurred in the same region where a series of Christmas Eve bomb blasts and resulting clashes killed at least 80 people.

One person died from his injuries, according to state police commissioner Abdulrahman Akano. The attackers are believed to have used machetes.

One bus had managed to escape, but the other one carrying eight people has not been found raising fears for their lives.

"Since my team could not find both the vehicle and the occupants, I now conclude to you that eight people have been killed," Akano told reporters.

In reacton to the attack, youths in a mainly Muslim area of the city of Jos took to the streets on Saturday and appeared to be burning tyres. It was unclear whether anyone was wounded.

Plateau state, where Jos is the capital, lies in the so-called middle belt between Nigeria's mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south.
Scores of people have been killed in clashes in the region in unrest many attribute to the struggle for economic and political power between Christian and Muslim ethnic groups.

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