Mali coup leader reinstates old constitution

AP , Sunday 1 Apr 2012

Junta restores 1992 constitution, move intended to stave off international sanctions threat

The leader of Mali's recent coup says he is reinstating the nation's previous constitution amid international pressure to restore constitutional order.

Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo, who grabbed power in a military takeover 21 March and dissolved the nation's constitution, said Sunday the 1992 law has been "reinstated."

It's not clear what the constitutional change means.

The move is intended to stave off the crippling financial sanctions that were due to hit the West African nation in less than 24 hours if the junta failed to hand power back to civilians.

Sanogo said a national convention would be held to organize elections. However, he failed to announce a timeline for the elections and deflected a question on whether he still considers himself the president of Mali.

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