US elections: All what you need to know right now

Reuters , Thursday 5 Nov 2020

Chicago, US
Protesters march through the Loop to demand every vote be counted in the general election, Wednesday night, Nov. 4, 2020, in Chicago, as President Donald Trump tries to stop the effort in key battleground states. (Photo: AP)

Democrat Joe Biden moved closer to victory over President Donald Trump in the US election as officials tallied votes in the handful of states that will determine the outcome and protesters took to the streets.

-TIMELINE: Which US states are still counting votes and when will they be done?

-Republican and Democratic voters alike were in a state of high anxiety with the election outcome still unsettled a day after polls closed.

-Trump's re-election campaign said it had filed a lawsuit in Georgia to require that Chatham County separate and secure late-arriving ballots to ensure they are not counted.

-Trump's campaign said it would seek a recount in Wisconsin hours before CNN and the Associated Press projected Biden had won the key battleground state's 10 electoral college votes.

-While Trump wants the US Supreme Court to weigh in on a presidential race that is still too close to call, it may not be the final arbiter in this election, legal experts said.

-Police in Portland arrested 11 people and seized fireworks, hammers and a rifle as Oregon Governor Kate Brown activated the National Guard in response to protests on the night after voting in the election.

-Republicans were poised to retain control of the US Senate after Senator Susan Collins defied political odds to win re-election in Maine and other Republican incumbents led Democrats in a handful of undecided races.

-Democrats entered the 2020 US elections looking to roll back much of the commanding presence Republicans had in state governments, but instead wound up losing ground.


-The Kremlin said the lack of clarity after the election could have a negative impact on the global economy and world at large.

-Many Venezuelans are hoping for the re-election of Trump, whose campaign of sanctions against their country's ruling Socalist Party has won over a broad swathe of President Nicolas Maduro's critics.

-Villagers in the Indian ancestral home of Kamala Harris painted slogans on roads wishing her victory as Biden moved closer to the White House.


-Investors who met news of likely gridlock in Washington with a large-scale unwind of bets on a Democratic sweep weighed prospects for big stimulus measures while cheering fading expectations of higher taxes and new regulations.

-Markets hold breath as final votes tallied in US battleground states.


-Bettors stampede back to Biden as results stream in. His chances of winning stood at 80% on Wednesday afternoon on British-based Smarkets exchange, while New Zealand-based predictions market PredictIt had Biden at 84%. Trump's chances on Smarkets were at 21% from nearly 80% overnight.

-Wall Street turns on pollsters as US election leaves markets in limbo.

AFTER THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Expected events and Reuters coverage on Nov 5:

-Legal teams from both campaigns head to court over post-election disputes

-Protest groups expected to continue demonstrations as they wait for election results

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