FBI: Men thought fake bombs at US bridge were real

AP , Wednesday 2 May 2012

An FBI informant unveils plot by anarchists to blow up bridge near Cleveland Ohio after working with them and providing them with fake explosives

The FBI says five men charged in a bomb plot put what they thought were real explosives beneath a US bridge and repeatedly tried to detonate them using text messages from cellphones.

Authorities say the suspects arrested Monday were anarchists who were angry with corporate America and unknowingly worked with an FBI informant for months. They were charged with conspiracy and trying to bomb property used in interstate commerce.

They're being held without bond.

Authorities say the explosives were fakes and were controlled by an undercover FBI employee. The target was a highway bridge south of Cleveland, Ohio. The bridge links two wealthy suburbs.

The Occupy Cleveland group says the men were associated with the protest movement but don't represent the group or its nonviolent views.

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