Obama holds crisis talks with EU leaders

AFP , Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

G20 Summit
Leaders of the G20 nations gather for a group photo at the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, June 18, 2012. (Photo: Reuters)

US President Barack Obama met Tuesday with European leaders on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Mexico to address the eurozone crisis that he fears could imperil his hopes of re-election in November.

A photograph obtained by AFP showed Obama sitting with Germany's Angela Merkel, France's Francois Hollande, Spain's Mariano Rajoy, Italy's Mario Monti, Britain's David Cameron and the

EU's Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman van Rompuy.

The Obama-EU meeting was originally scheduled for Monday but postponed after the formal G20 dinner, hosted by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, ran late.

The United States remains worried that European leaders are not moving resolutely enough to contend with the debt crisis that is spooking global markets and paralyzing growth.
Obama fears the turmoil in Europe will drag down the broader world economy and torpedo his hopes of re-election in November.

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