Putin signs law on denunciation of European armed forces treaty

Xinhua , Monday 29 May 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday on the denunciation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo courtesy of the Russian Presidential Press


The relevant document has been published on Russia's official legal information portal.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that Russia's denunciation of the CFE will have no direct impact because the mechanism has been non-working for a long time.

"The Russian side simply brought the situation de facto into line," Peskov said.

The spokesman said there is "a large void" in the field of arms control and strategic stability, which "urgently needs to be filled by new acts of international law that would regulate this situation."

"However, it requires functioning bilateral relations with numerous states, which we do not have now, through no fault of our own," he added.

The CFE treaty was originally signed in 1990 by the then-NATO members and the then-six Warsaw Treaty states. The agreement came into force later in 1992.

The treaty was aimed at establishing a balance between the two military alliances by setting limits on the quantities of weapons and military equipment that all parties were allowed to amass.

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