In Photos: World pro-Palestine protests call for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza

Mohamed Hatem , Saturday 25 Nov 2023

Thousands of people across major world capitals and cities came out in massive demonstrations for a lasting ceasefire in Israel's war on Gaza, as a four-day truce entered its second day.

Protesters moving on, during a National March For Palestine in central London on November 25, 2023, calling for a lasting ceasefire in Israel s war on the Gaza Strip. AFP


It was the sixth straight weekend protests demanding an end to the Israeli war on Gaza and a permanent ceasefire since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza on 7 October.

In London, thousands of people carrying Palestinian flags marched to protest against the Israeli war on Gaza and express their support for oppressed Palestinians. 

The protestors gathered at Marble Arch in west London and marched towards Piccadilly in the city center, calling for an enduring ceasefire while vehemently denouncing Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians.

In Germany, defying a campaign of repression against supporters of the Palestinian Cause, a massive demonstration unfolded in Berlin, demanding an end to Israeli aggression and expressing solidarity with Palestinians.

In Paris, defying repression against Pro-Palestine protesters, a large demonstration condemned Israeli war crimes against civilians, urging international protection for Gazans and demanding Israel be held accountable for the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

French protesters raise pro-Palestine placards at a women's rights march in Paris on Saturday 

In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, hundreds of people participated in a pro-Palestine demonstration, calling for a lasting ceasefire and condemning the Israeli war.

A similar march took place in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

On Friday, pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at shopping malls in major US cities to demand an end to US funding for Israel and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

These marches were organized as a nationwide campaign titled "Shut It Down for Palestine,"  while many prepared for the annual Black Friday shopping spree.

Across these cities, the international community united to denounce Israeli crimes in Gaza, demanding justice, accountability, and a lasting ceasefire in the war-torn strip.

People gather during a demonstration in support of Palestinians outside Macy's in New York City on November 24, 2023. AFP

The demonstrations around the world come as a four-day truce between Hamas and Israel has offered some respite for 2.4 million Palestinians who have been subjected to a genocidal war by Israel since 7 October.

After nearly 50 days of bombardment, 15,000 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 40,000 wounded in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, with more than two-thirds of them women and children.

Moreover, the civilian population has teetered on the verge of starvation as Israel coupled its bombardment campaign with a blockade on all water, food, and fuel supplies to the strip. 

Meanwhile, 1.8 million Palestinians were displaced after Israel bombed more than 50 percent of all homes in the strip.

According to the truce deal, all hostilities would stop, a prisoner swap between Hamas and Israel would take place, and 200 trucks carrying food, water, medical supplies, and fuel would be allowed to enter the strip every day.

However, local and international aid and humanitarian workers say four days are not nearly enough to allow for enough relief to reach the civilian population or retrieve the thousands of bodies still buried under the rubble.

Women hold Palestinian flags while taking part in a demonstration in the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and in support of the Palestinian people in Buenos Aires, on November 25, 2023. AFP

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