Hague meets his twitter followers

Ahram Online , Thursday 4 Oct 2012

British Foreign Secretary William Hague marks his 100,000th follower on Twitter by meeting five of his followers to discuss foreign policy issues

Foreign Secretary William Hague during his meeting with five of his twitter followers at the Foreign Office, 2 October 2012 (Photo: British Embassy Cairo)

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague met five of his twitter followers for a discussion about foreign policy at the Foreign Office in the capital London, the website of the British embassy in Cairo reported on Tuesday as he marked his 100,000th follower on the globally-used social network. 

Hague invited his followers to send a tweet, including the hashtag #meetFS, to say what innovation or trend you think will have the greatest impact on our world over the next 20 years, or what they believe the Foreign Office should periortize over the next year.

From the hundreds of people who tweeted suggestions, the Foreign Secretary met Kate Jamieson, Aaron Ellis, Jack McCann, Antonia King and James Willby. 

During the discussion they told the Foreign Secretary how twitter has become a valuable news source and how following the right people can provide a valuable insight into foreign policy debate.

They also discussed a wide range of current foreign policy issues including the UK’s United Nations responsibilities, the balance of global power in the Pacific, the UK’s role in Somalia and Europe.

After the event the Foreign Secretary tweeted on his account@williamjhague: “After this #meetfs I'm even more enthusiastic about the value of Twitter and social media in diplomacy and politics.”

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