Egyptian 'Arab spring' cat escapes in Britain, search ongoing

Reuters , Thursday 4 Oct 2012

A stray cat rescued from the 'turmoil of the Arab Spring' in Egypt and brought to Britain at great expense by a pair of compassionate holidaymakers has disappeared from his new home

(Photo: Reuters)

Dawn and Railton Elliott were on holiday in the Egyptian resort of El Gouna, which was all but deserted in the political upheaval, when they found the abandoned tabby, fell in love with him and decided to take him home.

Six months of quarantine and a 6,000 pound ($9,700) bill later, the newly named Omar was installed in the Elliotts' house in a tiny village near Oxford, where the couple owns a sweet shop, only to disappear two weeks ago.

"He's never wandered off before," Dawn Elliott told Reuters on Thursday. "I think somebody's got him."

The Elliotts are now trying to organise a door-to-door search of the 300 houses in their neighbourhood, although convincing their insurance providers that Omar is worth the expense is proving a challenge.

The couple have offered a reward for Omar's return of 25 pounds ($40.18) and a lifetime's supply of chocolate.

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