Italy's Monti warns of danger of anti-Europe government

AP , Wednesday 6 Mar 2013

Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti tells Italians it would be better to have new elections if government rejects European integration plan

Italy's caretaker Premier Mario Monti says if recent elections produce a government that abandons further economic integration with Europe, Italians should vote again.

No party won a clear victory in last month's national elections, and Italy's president won't convene talks to establish the government's composition until 20 March.

The center-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani is expected to get the first shot. He has ruled out an alliance with Silvio Berlusconi's forces, which leaves comic Beppe Grillo's euro-skeptic 5 Star Movement. Grillo has proposed a referendum on the euro single currency, which could hurt investor confidence.

Monti, who finished fourth, told a news conference Wednesday that it would be better to have new elections if a new government "is oriented to interrupt Italy's European path and that of reform."

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