Over 100 arrests as Bolivian miners protest

AFP , Wednesday 8 May 2013

Bolivian miners clash with police after a bridge was bombed as strikers demand bigger retirement pensions

More than 100 people were arrested and a bridge was blown up as police and Bolivian miners clashed on the third day of protests over the latter's retirement benefits, officials said Wednesday.

Interior Minister Carlos Romero confirmed the arrests, telling reporters that those detained had been carrying dynamite, some in ambulances, and throwing stones at police during the demonstrations in the southeast of the country.

The national police commander, General Alberto Aracena, said miners had used dynamite to destroy the bridge, while media reports from the Andean town of Caihuasi said officers used tear gas after miners attempted to block roads.

The scores of arrests were made in Caihuasi, police said.

The strikers are demanding bigger retirement pensions.

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