Egypt halts evacuation of citizens from Sudan's Wadi Seidna airbase

Zeinab El-Gundy , Saturday 29 Apr 2023

Egypt halted the evacuation of Egyptian citizens from the Wadi Seida Airbase outside Khartoum over security concerns, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday.

The location of Wadi Sediana airbase , north of Khartoum on Google Maps


The Ministry urged those at the base to leave when possible and proceed to one of the designated gathering and evacuation points.

According to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, the current gathering and evacuation points for Egyptian citizens in Khartoum include the Egyptian Consulate in Port Sudan, along with the Qustul and Argeen border crossings.

Earlier, the US Department of State issued a warning for Americans to avoid the Wadi Seidna Airbase starting on 29 April due to the threat of increased violence.

The old airbase 22 km north of Khartoum, dating back to World War II, is vital in evacuating foreign nationals from Sudan as the fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces enters its third week.

Khartoum International Airport has been out of service since the first days of the conflict.

On Friday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced that 6,399 citizens evacuated via air or land ports.

They added that the Egyptian Armed Forces conducted 27 aerial missions to evacuate the citizens.  

The Egyptian diplomatic mission relocated to Khartoum to facilitate the implementation of the national plan to evacuate Egyptians in Sudan and ensure their safety.

On Monday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced that Mohamad El-Gharawi, an assistant administrative attaché at the Egyptian embassy in Khartoum, was killed on his way to the embassy headquarters to follow up on the evacuation of Egyptians in Sudan.

According to estimation, there are 10,000 Egyptians currently living and working in Sudan, including 5,000 students.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has also launched a 24/7 hotline service concerning Sudan on the following numbers: 01281943533,01283176900,01281943599,01283176913,01283176857,01283176881,01283176903,01283176894, 01281943990,01283176866

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