Egypt to spare no effort to resolve Sudan’s conflict: Egyptian parliament speaker

Gamal Essam El-Din , Sunday 30 Apr 2023

Egypt will spare no effort in finding a solution to the armed conflict in Sudan, said parliament speaker Hanafy El-Gebaly who also asserted Egypt's unwavering support of the Sudanese people and keenness to see peace and stability return to Sudan.

A file photo of the Egyptian parliament.


"Egypt fully supports the people and the government of Sudan, and it is extremely keen on seeing them live in peace and keep their country safe from dangers and crises," said El-Gebaly before the parliament's session on Sunday.

"Our hearts have been struck by the tragic events which hit the brotherly state of Sudan," he said, noting that "history states that internal armed conflicts only spread violence and usually lead to the collapse of the state's political institutions."

"Such conflicts also destroy the economy by disrupting the country's basic infrastructure and human capital, both of which are necessary for the development process, and they create refugee and displacement crises that affect millions of people who spill into neighbouring countries," noted El-Gebaly.

He also warned that "the longer the armed conflict continues in Sudan, the more expensive the reconstruction process will be."

"It could take Sudan very long years to stand on its feet again and return to  the pre-conflict point," said El-Gebaly, stating that "besides wreaking havoc, armed conflicts often destabilize neighbouring countries through forced displacements, an influx of refugees, and even a spread of violence."

El-Gebaly praised the Egyptian state's efforts in helping Egyptians and Sudanese fleeing the conflict. "Since the very beginning of the crisis, the Egyptian state has been mobilized to evacuate its citizens from Sudan and make sure that they return home safely," he stated.

 He noted that "a crisis cell including ministries of defence, interior, foreign affairs, immigration, and the general intelligence agency was formed at the behest of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to evacuate Egyptians living in Sudan, and also help friendly countries evacuate their nationals."

El-Gebaly highlighted that Egypt has allowed hundreds of Sudanese to enter Egypt without visa requirements through the two crossings of Qastal and Arqin".

"I want to affirm that Egypt and Sudan have one history and future and that the people and the government of Egypt will do everything possible to help the Sudanese people overcome their crisis and find a quick settlement for the conflict," he noted.


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