Egypt running additional trains to transport people fleeing Sudan from Aswan to Cairo

Ahram Online , Monday 1 May 2023

Egypt is running three additional daily trains to transport people fleeing violence in Sudan from Aswan city in the south to the capital, Cairo.

A photo of Aswan Railway Station. Ministry of Transport


The three trains leave Aswan at 8pm, 10:30pm and 7:25pm and arrive in Cairo at 8:15am, 11:15am and 7:40am respectively, the Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

The ministry is also running two additional train trips from Cairo to Aswan. The first leaves at 9:50pm and arrives at 10:05am, while the second leaves at 10:40pm and arrives at 12:00pm.

This aims to facilitate the transport of the large number of people fleeing Sudan from Upper Egypt to Cairo, the ministry stated.

In the last two weeks, thousands of foreign nationals, including thousands of Sudanese, have crossed the Sudan-Egypt borders fleeing violence in the country.

In tandem, Egypt has been implementing a plan to evacuate Egyptians from the country.

Close to 7,000 Egyptians, out of a total of 10,000 who were in Sudan before the outbreak of violence in the country, have been evacuated from so far.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged Egyptians who are still in Sudan to head to the evacuation points at the Egyptian Consulate General in Port Sudan, or the Arqeen or Qustul border crossings.

The ministry also announced on Saturday that they had stopped the evacuation operations from the Wadi Seidna base due to security reasons, urging Egyptians in the base to leave it as soon as possible.

The crisis room at the ministry ministry is receiving calls from citizens at home and abroad around the clock on the following numbers:

01281943533 - 01283176900 - 01281943599 - 01283176913 - 01283176857 - 01283176881 - 01283176903 - 01283176894 - 01281943990 - 01283176866.

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