Sudan FFC opens first meeting in Cairo to end Sudan war

Habiba Hamdy , Monday 24 Jul 2023

Sudan’s Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) opened its two-day meeting in Cairo on Monday in a bid to end the war in Sudan.

Members of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) commence their planned meeting in Cairo on Monday


This is the FFC’s first meeting since the outbreak of the war aimed at forming an initiative to end the conflict in Sudan. It is one in a series of regional visits across Sudan’s neighbouring capitals including Kampala, N’Djamena, and Addis Ababa.

The present challenges necessitate stopping the war and restoring Sudan’s path towards civil democratic transition, the FFC said in a statement.

The FFC will consult with leaders of Sudanese society in Egypt on ways of building a new future for Sudan and resolving the issues facing the Sudanese people, the bloc added.

Malik Agar, deputy chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, held a series of meetings and political consultations in Cairo recently. He also met with leaders of the FFC to discuss points of view and create national consensus on Sudanese issues.

It is imperative to stop any opportunity for the pre-2019 regime to turn the current conflict into a civil war, the FFC said.

The coalition called on the opposing Sudanese sides, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to reach a ceasefire in the Jeddah talks.

The FFC delegation expressed the need for a comprehensive and equitable political solution in Sudan that would establish a unified national army, democratic civilian rule, and sustainable peace.

The FFC meeting in Cairo is part of Egypt’s efforts to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict.

Earlier in June Egypt hosted the Sudan's Neighbouring Countries' Summit to address the crisis.

Both the SAF and RSF welcomed the results of the meeting where it was agreed that Sudan’s neighboring countries will form a ministerial mechanism  comprising foreign ministers to address the conflict.

The FFC thanked Egypt for hosting the conference and affirmed Egypt’s pivotal role in helping to end the war in Sudan.

Forces of Freedom and Change

The FFC was formed in 2019 following the 2018 civilian protests and subsequent uprising. It consists of many political and rebel factions and formed the main opposition group in the revolution.

They participated in negotiations with the Transitional Military Council and previously signed the Constitutional Declaration that was meant to pave the road for democratic elections.  

The FFC faced multiple criticisms from other Sudanese groups such as the Democratic Bloc and the Sudanese Communist Party for signing the agreement which they believe did not fulfil the needs and demands of the Sudanese people.


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