Sit-in at Egypt's largest aluminium factory enters third day

Ahmed Feteha, Monday 13 Jun 2011

Company's administration is continuing to ignore and downplay the workers' demands, say protesters at Upper Egypt industrial complex

Courtesy of El-Wasat party

For the third consecutive day, more than 1,000 employees of Egypt’s Aluminium are staging a sit-in at the company’s premises in Naga Hammadi, Upper Egypt, demanding raises in wages and bonus payments.

"Sayed Abdel Wahab [the company's CEO] is the only person that can solve the situation,” says Effat Bahig, one of the workers taking part.

Protesters are making several demands, among them an increase in bonus payments, a restructuring of financial allowances, jobs for their sons and the resignation of administrative managerial director, Abdel-Razak Morsy.

Bahig complains that the company's administration hasn’t shown any interest in the workers’ demands and isn’t taking the sit-in seriously.

"The army is securing the sit-in but there's nothing more they can do,” Bahig says.

According to Bahig, workers are carrying out their sit-in in a manner that does not obstruct production, and protesting with full numbers after 3pm.

In 2010, around 6,000 of Egypt’s Aluminium’s 8,000 workforce held a sit-in for the same demands.

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