Egyptian record-setting climber to reach Sinai’s highest summit to promote tourism

Dalia Farouq, Saturday 23 Apr 2011

Egypt grasps at Sinai and Arab tourism to boost the hard-hit travel sector, including promotion of Ramadan Lanterns arts fest and Guinness world record setter, Hisham Nessim’s climb of Sinai’s highest peak

Tourists watching the sunrise from the crest of Mount Sinai in 2009 (Photo: Reuters/Goran Tomasevic)

Seeking the revival of Egypt's tourism, Taba-Nuweiba investor associations in tourism and environment development are organising a mountain climbing event in South Sinai for Monday to promote that Egypt is now safe for tourists.

To celebrate Sinai's Independence Day, Sami Suleiman, chairman of the association said they organised this event to help the crippled tourism industry get back on its feet.

During the celebrations taking place tomorrow, Egyptian adventurer Hisham Nessim, who boasts two entries in The Guinness Book of World Records, is expected to climb Sinai's highest peak, Mount Al-Ajmah (1,800 meters) without escorts and to plant a flag on the summit.

The event also includes planting more than 2500 Olive trees across south Sinai, symbolising peace and security in the region.

According to Egypt’s Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour the country has lost around $1.5 billion since the outbreak of the January 25 Revolution. The minister added that Egypt’s image as a tourist destination could be boosted if tourists felt they would be safe.

With the summer season approaching a marketing campaign will be unveiled within the next few days targeting Arab tourists. Included in this strategy is the Ramadan Lanterns Festival, launched last year, featuring arts and cultural events.

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