Ceramic company workers on day two of sit-in

Mena and Ahram Online, Thursday 5 May 2011

The cashing of delayed profit share payments and permanent employment are on top of Al Ezz Ceramics and Porcelain Company workers' demands

For the second consecutive day, workers of Al Ezz Ceramics and Porcelain Company continue their sit-in, awaiting negotiations with the company’s management to fulfil their demands.

Roughly 600 of the company’s 1800 workers started a sit-in yesterday, demanding the administration stop delaying the cash payments due to them from their profit share; for permanent employment of several hundred employees; as well as reinstating two field allowances that were cancelled before.

The company, which is owned by Ahmed Ezz, a prominent figure in Mubarak’s regime currently facing corruption charges, has shut down operation of the factory fearing physical damages to the production lines. 

The protesting workers have formed a committee to negotiate with the management and call for the support from all national civil movements in Egypt.

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