Civil servant wages to double in five years

MENA, Amr El-Feki, Monday 13 Dec 2010

The government is moving to double the salaries of civil servants in the hope of better supporting the poor, minister says


The government is planning to double the salaries of civil servants during the next five years, said Minister of State for Administrative Development Ahmed Darwish Saturday evening.

The salaries increase that the government has approved since 2004 exceeded the inflation rate, adds Darwish.  

In 2009/2010, civil servants' wages reached LE100 billion. 

The government is trying to deliver subsidies to the poor. However, subsidies in the energy sector benefit mostly the rich, said Darwish, during a speech in El-Sawy Culture Wheel.

"Some people own two cars and more than one air conditionning unit, and therefore benefit more than the real poor," he explained.

"The new employment law we hope will be discussed in the People's Assembly. It will be a good step since it contains important mechanisms that can improve the administrative system," said Darwish who has been working on the draft law for more than five years.

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