Sanctioned Syrian bank denies US allegations

AFP, Wednesday 17 Aug 2011

State-owned Commercial Bank of Syria denies US Treasury accusations it supported Syria and North Korea's plans to spread weapons of mass destruction

Com bnk of Syria
A general view shows the building of the Commercial Bank of Syria (Photo: AFP)

The Lebanese subsidiary of a Syrian bank sanctioned by the United States denied on Wednesday "unfounded political allegations" that it dealt with North Korea and Iran.

"Since the establishment of our institution, we have never had any operation with either a North Korean or an Iranian entity even before the existing sanctions," the Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank said.

"As a result, we deny all accusation of being involved in any illegal activity with any suspected country," a statement added.

The United States Treasury has charged that the state-owned Commercial Bank of Syria allegedly supported Syria and North Korea's efforts to spread weapons of mass destruction.

Washington last week imposed sanctions on the bank, the Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank and telecoms company Syriatel over President Bashar al-Assad's increasingly brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protests.

The move freezes the US assets of the businesses targeted and prohibits US entities from engaging in any business dealings with the two banks.

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