Israeli workers in Egypt fly home in fear for safety

Bassem Abo Alabass, Monday 12 Sep 2011

Employees of Israeli textile factory Delta Galil left Egypt in a hurry following Friday's embassy attack and have made no plans to return

Delta Galil
One of the Israeli textile companies in Egypt

A foreign ministry source was quoted by an Israeli business newspaper as saying that Israeli textile factory employees asked to be evacuated from Cairo along with diplomats, following Friday’s attack on the Israeli embassy.

Israeli workers of the Delta Galil textile factory left Egypt following the mob attack on the Israeli embassy building in Giza, although the foreign ministry did not instruct them to leave.

Delta and other Israeli companies employ dozens of Israeli workers in Cairo, mostly in managerial roles.

Mostafa Nayed, one of the founders of the workers’ movement which supports Egyptian workers' rights in these Israeli companies, confirmed that the majority of Israeli managers had been evacuated to Israel after Friday’s events.

“There are about 30 Israeli companies in Egypt working in the textile industry, and located in the investment zone in Port Said,” Nayed clarified.

It's unclear when the Israeli workers will return to Egypt. “I hope they never come back again; then we will have a great chance to nationalise,” Nayed told Aram Online.

“The Israeli factory, which employs tens of thousands of Egyptians, is carrying on with business as usual, due to its Egyptian workers,” Nayed said.

Delta also has a large factory in Irbid, Jordan. This is not the first time the Israelis working in the Egyptian and Jordanian factories have left in times of high political tension.

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