Kuwait central bank workers rally for better pay

Reuters , Wednesday 28 Sep 2011

Employees protesting outside the central bank building in Kuwait City say they will hold another demonstration on 26 October if their demands are not met

Kuwait Central Bank
Ali al-Roomi leads Kuwait Central Bank employees to demonstrate outside the bank in Kuwait City (Photo: Reuters)

Several dozen of Kuwait Central Bank employees held a demonstration on Wednesday, demanding improved employment and financial conditions, the latest in a wave of strikes by government employees in the Gulf Arab state.

"Central bank employees suffer from the deterioration of conditions... in the light of a notable increase in prices and services... until we get to a point where we can't bear these burdens," the employees said in a statement distributed to reporters at the demonstration, held after work hours.

The employees, protesting outside the central bank building in Kuwait City, said that they would hold another demonstration on Oct. 26, if their demands were not met.

Central bank officials could not be reached for comment.

On Tuesday, employees of the Kuwait Stock Exchange agreed to give authorities three weeks to meet their demands, delaying a planned strike on Wednesday, which could affect trading on the Arab world's second largest bourse.

OPEC-member Kuwait is currently witnessing a wave of strikes by many government employees, after the cabinet approved earlier this month better employment conditions for oil sector workers.

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