Egypt's job vacancies drop 93 per cent year on year in August 2011

Ahram Online, Saturday 1 Oct 2011

Figures from the Information and Decision Support Centre show a woeful drop in job opportunities in Egypt in the last year

Egyptian worker
Egyptian job opportunities are shrinking, even for low-skilled positions (Photo: Reuters)

Job opportunities announced in August 2011 fell sharply 92.8 per cent, recording a low 1000 job announcements, compared to 14,700 in the same month last year, according to the monthly bulletin of the Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC).

In July, job opportunities reached 4,300, which means openings declined 72 per cent month on month, the same index showed. 

Also, the number of companies established fell by 19.5 per cent in August, 2011 against August 2010, to reach 4012 companies as opposed to 4982 companies.

The IDSC referred to an Abu Dhabi Gallup Centre (ADGC) public opinion poll on what Egyptian think following the January 25 Revolution. Some 53 per cent of respondents believe economic conditions are deteriorating as opposed to 25 per cent who shared the same opinion in spring 2010 poll.

Data collection was conducted in Egypt in 25 March to 2 April 2011, through face-to-face interviews on a sample of 1000 subjects in the age group of 15+.

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