Minimum wage for Egypt's private sector is expected to be announced Sunday

Ahram Online, Saturday 8 Oct 2011

Minimum wage is expected to be around LE700 per month, in line with public sector's, government ready to declare Sunday

Egypt's Supreme Council for Wages (SCW) is due to convene on Sunday, to decide on a minimum wage for private sector. The council reshuffled its board last week and vowed to set a minimum wage in private sector.

The government has announced last May a minimum wage of LE700 ($110) per month for civil servants, but did not apply it yet, due to what minister of Finance describes as shortage in liquidity.

Representatives of business, workers and the chambers of commerce all attended the SCW meeting last week, where they discussed the LE700 total monthly wage suggested by the ministry of finance.

In addition to implementing a universal minimum wage, some SCW members suggested applying some exceptions in certain parts of the country to stimulate investment in marginalised areas, especially Upper Egypt.  

Some businessmen requested a time window before the proposed minimum wage is actually applied.

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