Jordan looks for gas supplier to replace Egypt

Ahram Online and Mena, Friday 9 Dec 2011

Oil-poor monarchy looks for stable sources of gas after Egypt's pipeline is attacked nine times in 2011

One of the explosions of Egypt's gas pipeline in Sinai photo: Reuters

The Jordanian Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Awn Al-Khasawna, are discussing the possibility of importing natural gas from Iraq or the Gulf states after Egyptian imports were halted due to acts of sabotage targeting the relevant pipeline. Mena said the news was reported in a Jordanian newspaper, Al-Ra'i, on Friday.

"Though the Egyptian government has assured the Jordanian authorities that the pipeline will not be attacked again,” one source told the newspaper, speaking on condition of anonymity, “the Jordanian government is keen on looking for alternatives."

Jordan's authorities stated that the public treasury of the kingdom has suffered a loss of about $ 5 million a day as a result of stopping the Egyptian gas supply and is converting all power plants to rely on industrial fuel and diesel.

Egypt's gas pipeline to Jordan and Israel had been attacked nine times since former president Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February.

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