Cairo International Airport doubles parking fees

Yomna Kotb, Monday 2 Jul 2018

Airport waiting tickets increasing by 100%
Passengers handle their luggage at a check-in counter in Cairo Airport, in ile photo (Reuters Photo)

Cairo International Airport increased parking fees on Monday by 100 percent.

The Cairo Port Authority, which manages the entrance gates at Cairo airport's parking lots, said that different rates will be applied according to the category of vehicles.

Parking fees for taxis and privately owned cars have been set at EGP 20 for the first three hours and EGP 10 for each subsequent hour. Parking fees for a full day have been set at EGP 100.

For microbuses and pickup trucks, fees have been set at EGP 30 for the first three hours and EGP 15 for each subsequent hour, while buses and transport vehicles will be charged EGP 30 for the first three hours and EGP 20 for each subsequent hour.

Trucks and the semi-trailers will pay EGP 60 the first three hours and EGP 30 for each subsequent hour.

The increase does not apply to airport employees and workers with affiliated companies, the port authority said.

In 2016, parking fees at Cairo airport witnessed their first increase in nine years from EGP 5 to 10.

The port authority said that the new increase is due to renovations, maintenance and services newly installed at airport gates, which cost around EGP 60 million.

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