Islamists to head main economic committees in Egypt parliament

Ahram Online, Tuesday 31 Jan 2012

Members of the Freedom and Justice and Nour parties are voted into the top jobs in three main economic advisory bodies

Campaign banner for the Freedom and Justice Party (Photo: AP)

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has been voted to head half of the main economic committees in Egypt's new parliament.

FJP members will lead the parliamentary bodies in charges of labour and planning and budget issues. The economic committee will be headed by a Salafist MP from the Nour Party while industry matters will be followed by an independent candidate.
The 508 members of Egypt's new parliament have cast votes to elect MPs to head 19 lower house committees dealing with different sectors and policies.
The committees are tasked with raising the complaints and suggestions of MPs to the relevant government ministry or authority.
The committee heads are as follows:
Industrial Committee: El-Sayed Abdel Aziz (independent)
Labour Committee: Saber Abou El-Fatouh(FJP)
Planning and Budget Committee: Saad El-Husseiny (FJP)
Economic Committee: Tarek Dousky (Nour Party)
The Freedom and Justice Party controls 46 per cent of seats in Egypt's new parliament.
(Correction: Along with several other Egyptian news sources, we mistakenly said Tarek Hassanayn of the FJP was voted to head the economic committee. El-Sayed Abdel Aziz is an independent MP and does not belong to the FJP.)
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